Monday, February 06, 2006

I wonder who invented mondays. I'm not a big fan of them. I like Thursday. On Thursday there is still time to get something done in the week and I can start getting excited about Friday. I'm not quite sure why Fridays should be exciting to me. It's like the ONE day of the week that the love of my life (read my husband Matt) NEVER comes home early. And when I say early, I really just mean "not late". I'm always in a conundrum about whether we should do something as a family first or if I should get a sitter so that Matt and I can get some time together. But I digress.
Its Monday and I have a lot to do. I have a lot of illustrator work to do for Provocraft. In an effort to spend more time making art, I am first working on getting some income streams flowing from fun projects like those I'm embarking on with PC. I can't tell you too much about it but the fun goodies I'm working on are totally engaging (and sucking up my time!)
I am also working on my third book (book number 2 with Linda Blinn and Jennifer Francie Pantz Bitto) --Baby, Oh Baby!

and then, nagging me from the depths of my soul is this creative monster that I keep locking in my closet, stuffing in a box, hiding under the bed and just generally putting on the back burner. A few weeks back Matt and I took the girls to a exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art called Dialogs. It compared works from Rauschenberg, Duchamp, Johns and Cornel and discussed how they influenced each other. So I picked up a lovely book called Secrets In a Box at the gift store. Matt and I read it and discussed it with the girls, then went to lunch where we sat and made lists of our favorite things and then we headed to an antique mall to look for treasures. The girls couldn't wait to get back to start painting! We are still "in process" but they are coming along nicely. Matt was a great sport and I'm loving the opportunity to share what I do with my girls. I'm taking lots of photos so that I can write up an article on this family friendly art endeavor.

So I shall go tackle one of these tasks and stop complaining because its MONDAY!

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