Monday, February 26, 2007

Power Surge

Have you had one of those days where it felt like even the power company was working against you? Today I had to make two important business calls to California but because I'm on the east coast I had to wait until after noonish to call. When did the power go out at our house?? a little after noonish. When did the power go back on??? just minutes before I had to go pick up the kids!

I'm not REALLY complaining though. I did get to spend some time working on three different pieces consecutively! When I get them done I will post them here. One involves a fig and another drinking straws....are you curious!?

This piece is called "the three year itch". A family member who shall remain nameless is the inspiration for this piece. In the upper left corner it says... "she moved every three years so that she didn't have to clean the oven". I know it seems like "I" might be the inspiration for this since I seem to move every 2 or 3 years but I don't really use my oven so I can go a full 5 or 6 years! This is one in a series of "house therapy" pieces that I'm working on while we search for affordable housing here in Brookline. I may have to resort to shoveling snow for old widows or widowers in hopes of getting them to leave me their house in their will!

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