Sunday, February 25, 2007

The last 10%

Sometimes I struggle with the last 10% of whatever needs to be done. Take these pieces to the left here. I finished them at the end of last year (2006). I had the frames and everything but I could never seem to find the time to put them INTO the frames.
First I couldn't find space on my desk, then I couldn't find my windex wipes to clean the glass, then I couldn't remember where I put my studio hammer to hammer the hanger in the back...and so on.
I'm working on getting that big old scary 10% done this month and the beginning of next so that I'm all ready for my first "Open Studios". I'll be exhibiting with 3 other artists in one of their HUGE houses because I'm not quite sure where I may be at the end of April, house-wise that is.
These little collages are little gems with the frames measuring about 5" x 5". I loved working at this size but now I'm trying to work on the opposite end of the spectrum thinking big, like 24" or 36". Maybe one day I'll have the guts to work even bigger but the challenge there is finding found objects that work at that scale. My new mixed media friend John (aka fred) is struggling with the same issues. His work is terrific and he lives right around the bend in the road.
I'm playing with the thought of gathering a bunch of mixed media artists for an exhibit called "mixed messages" or something like that. It would be a compilation of mixed media art with some interesting questions and answers, interactive elements and a guide for families and children. Yeah right, in my free time.
Until then I need to fix the little ones some lunch before we drag them to yet another open house. Going to open houses seems to be a sort of sport for the people of Brookline, MA. Even the people who own houses and have no intention of moving go to them! What a weird set up!

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