Thursday, March 01, 2007

Living a Lie

Tuesday is "clean the house mom is coming day".
Wednesday is "clean the house mom is coming and Tuesday was not the day it was supposed to be day."
Thursday (today) is "clean the house cause you never got to it Tuesday or Wednesday and you only really have one more day to procrastinate before mom comes day"
so, guess what I'm doing now? Yep, working in the studio. Not even CLEANING the studio. I am basking in my creative filth. Starting a new project while three others stare at me in disbelief...
I spent the morning cutting unknown men into little pieces so I could put them back together again. Ya know what I'm finding? I am NOT all the kings horses NOR all the kings men. But not to worry, my gel medium and I will put them together again.
I'm just following a creative gut feeling that told me to go cut up pictures and now I'm searching for my muse who MUST be hiding under the pile of dirt that I swept into a pile but not into a dustpan. Maybe if I sit quietly I will be able to hear her cries for help or sneezing from the dust.
I really love the creative process, I really don't like cleaning the house. When people come over (announced) I make an effort to clean the house so that they might THINK that I like to clean. What a Lie! A wise person once told me that when you are really bad at one aspect of life it usually means you really excel at another aspect. I'd like to think that I'm really bad at housecleaning so I must be really exceptional at all things creative. But what I worry about is that I am really bad at housecleaning and I excel at not getting any better at it!
Ok, I think I hear museykins...must go dust her off (and make the guest bed)

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