Monday, April 02, 2007

Of Illnesses and deadlines

Wow, it's been a little while eh? Well, my littlest one and I both got a nice case of "maybe" strep. For a week it was a lot of, "ok I feel better!" followed by, "rats my fever is back". I don't know if you'd call that quality time that Abby and I spent together but we watched a lot of home improvement shows! She's already to try her hand at demoing. In the middle of all this Matt had two trips to take and I had some serious deadlines and we had our offer accepted on the little carriage house here in Brookline. Still waiting to finalize the details on the carriage house but Abby and I are better, Matt is home and my deadline was reached! (Ok, I have to ship it out today but it will get there on time!)
Now I have to finish my article for Cloth, Paper, Scissors and then get my butt moving on the new book. Got a lot of stuff bouncing around in my head and now its time to get it all on paper.
Will do my best to blog more often now that I'm not coughin' or contagious!
Oh, and Happy April! (for April Fools day Becky took all the underware out of her daddy's drawer and hid it on her bed under her covers--pretty tricky!)

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