Sunday, June 10, 2007


This is a panorama stitch that Matt took of the new carriage house. if you look straight back, you can see little white rectangles along the back wall. Those were the windows in each of the 6 hours stalls. They used to wash the horses down by the mirror on the left hand side. What does this have to do with my creative work and this blog?? Well, besides taking up a ton of time checking and re-checking my drawings, this is the before picture of my studio! The studio will be on the back left corner of this floor. It will open up to the kitchen on the right side of the studio which will be perfect for art parties and the like.
Yesterday was my birthday and I FINALLY had a chance to go see the Joseph Cornell exhibit in Salem. WOW! It was wonderfully huge and although the lighting was a little dark and a little congested with visitors it still filled me with the desire to get some painting done.
I spent and hour pulling apart on of the old stable walls to use in my art on Friday. It felt good to be destructive. I wasn't sure that I wanted to save it but I did and after going to the Cornell exhibit, I'm glad I did. I think it will end up being both wooden boxes and surfaces to paint. Once the basement is done I'll be able to set up my compound miter saw and get busy constructing!
I really can't wait to try it out.
It will be nice to have a workshop again too. I feel like I've had my hands tied behind my back without all my tools. Did I mention that I'll have a sink in my studio too? and for my birthday, my very favorite "in-laws" have offered to get me an easel! Which I will love and adore but my favorite present was my order by post-it note to STAY IN BED MOM, and my breakfast in bed.
It's good to be the queen.
(at least for a day!)

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