Saturday, July 05, 2008

This Land is my land...

Happy 4th of July! Matt and I celebrated with all of Boston and Rascal Flatts today at the Esplanade. The music was great, the hummus was delish, and we tied 120 to 120 at scrabble! We found a nice little spot of grass and were generally uncrowded until about 9:30. I worked on my crochet box (you have to see it to understand), did sudoku and hanshi puzzles, read a magazine, did some preliminary sketches for Libby's book and started outlining 3 new book ideas. WHAT A DAY! Matt and I have one more full day together. We hardly know what to do with our time--maybe its time to work on the house.
I hope you all had a little picnic, a little sunshine and a lot of fireworks.

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Dr. Knitter said...

Good pictures of both of you...great cleavage shot - no wonder Matt is smiling so wide! can't even tell that you two weren't talking to one another :-) !