Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hats off!

This was a fun self-imposed challenge. I created this baby hat for Abby's first grade teacher who is expecting a new arrival any day now. I followed a pattern from From Knit to Crochet which admittedly didn't get very good reviews but I'm impressed with. The reviewers seemed to buy the book sight unseen and expected it to be something different. I find fault in that. I looked at the book at the store and knew exactly what I was getting. As someone who crochets, I like the ability to see how to make my work look different.
This hat was made from a very soft bamboo too. So lovely to touch. I hope Mrs. B and the baby are united soon and that everyone is healthy and happy.
I'm not sure about everything on my to do list getting done yesterday but I'm happy to report we had a full and productive day. Today I'll burn the DVD with my new paper line and send off to CI. WOW, I really can't wait until I can share it all with you! I've given a couple people sneak peeks and they had really positive feedback! Yahoo!
stay tuned

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Dr. Knitter said...

Having seen this darling hat in person, I can attest to the claim that it must be felt to be believed. The bamboo yarn is scrumptuous. This little hat is darling...lucky baby!