Friday, August 29, 2008

Ruben in Braids

Ha ha! Nothing makes your first re-attempt at mastering crochet look better than actually putting it on the head of an adorable little being. Yes, he needs to grow into a little bit but by the time the cold hits, little Ruben here will be sittin up more than spittin up. This picture makes it look very pink but it really is a hip sort of acidy green, blue, magenta and charcol. I think the kids on the ski slope will all wish they had one this winter. Thanks Veronique for sending the pics and lending us the dog crate.
Still no puppy yet but in the mean time I'm making art and art connections.
I'm going to be working on a piece of art for Brookline's 21 Century Fund which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The 21st Century Fund works to fund new programs at the high school and if they are successful they become part of the curriculum. It has raised over 10 million dollars! I'm so humbled to be included as one of the 6 participating artists. I'm also glad to use my talents to help support this wonderful cause.
Check back soon for more information on my progress--I'll share what I'm doing for you to enjoy.

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veronique said...

my son is adorable i know, but i want to see pictures of the dog!