Friday, September 05, 2008

Bindi is HERE!

Hello meet the new studio mascot, BINDI!
no, I did not name her. I wanted to change her name but I was out voted. I don't know how that happened because I told everyone I got 6 votes and they each got two. I suppose I forgot to count Bindi's vote.
You'll also see here the pictures of Becky and Abby getting ready to walk to their first day of school. YEAH! You should know that I am really bad at providing structure for this family. I realized this over the summer. Last summer we were busy working on the house so it already felt discombobulated. But this year was a real struggle to balance work and girls and house work.
Even so, I've managed to get a lot done (except maybe for the housework).
Brookline Artist Open Studios is going to get a fresh new look and feel so that the artists can really network and visit with each other. I'm working on book #7 proposal. I've been asked to participate in Brookline's 21st Century fund. I'm proposing new product to new companies (this is my secret favorite project--if I can get this product produced there is so much fun instore for you all!) I'm working on my "greenness". Reading more, cooking more and really looking to launch a whole new branch of Jenn Mason to the public. This is taking some doing to get the right domain name and content but I hope to tell you more about it very soon.
In the meantime I've been watching TIVOed episodes of the Dog Whisperer and walking the dog.
What did you do this summer?


croppin carla said...

I am done with the parts and parcels album and will have it on my blog finsihed later tonight. It will also be up at my LSS store for display.....and will post it on their blog as check back when you get a chance....I LOVE the way it turned out!

Libby said...

Bindi is SOOOOOO CUTE! How old is she? Kepp her off Brendan's lawn - he's nutz like that! :)

veronique said...

yay a friend for jackson!