Friday, September 12, 2008

My date with Ruben

Today I had a date with my crochetted ski hat recipient. As you can see, he has amazing taste in art. The piece he is front of is called "our boys". He especially liked that one.
What a charmer. We went out for indian but the poor guy fell asleep as soon as the naan made it to the table. Maybe next time. We did have time here to discuss composition and color, he thinks I should try working smaller because it hurts his wittle neck to look up so high. I'll work on that Ruben!
Also, I wanted to pass on this link to a post by Carla who had not only completed a Parts and Parcel Album (you know, that product I designed for Creative Imaginations that I can't shut up about) but also made it an absolutely beautiful and a shining example of how you can really go "all-out" with embellishments. Which reminds me, I should be making one that uses a minimal amount of embellishments to show the opposite effect. Oh if I only had a staff of 12 Rubens to get me through my to do list.
Until we meet again little one...

1 comment:

veronique said...

I have to say, he couldn't stop talking about your date... He is already hounding me to set up another :)

Thanks again, you are a lifesaver!