Thursday, October 16, 2008

Try, Try again

The piece I'm standing in front of was made specifically for a Call for Art for the Minot Rose Garden (I mentioned this in an earlier post.) I am waiting to hear whether or not my piece is accepted into the final juried show. Regardless, I had fun working on the piece and learned a couple things along the way. What those things are have already been forgotten but hopefully they'll come back to me when I'm painting next. The piece is heavily painted. More than normal. At least 4 layers went into this piece. Do you know what that takes?? Patience! This is something I'm in short supply of these days. I have started to see patience as a trait you can exercise and stretch. I can't become a different person over night but I can step beyond my comfort zone one step at a time and then hop back in for safety. Each time I step out, I can step out further. I enjoyed this challenge because it is something that I wouldn't normally address. A rose garden? Nope, too straightforward for me. What's the story? I need to have a story. But with a little persistence, and a lot of patience I was able to delve into my found objects and books and tell a story of this little secret rose garden.

Why two pictures? Well the first one is the one I took of myself, outside, holding the camera up with one hand and the painting up with the other. Are you impressed? Well it's not bad but I have a serious looking double chin from standing there trying to take my own picture that just wouldn't do. The second picture is one Matt took after I described what I wanted--I want to be in profile (sort of) and have a good amount of the collage off to my left. Hmmm. Off to my left?? Or perhaps I am centered. He did get a better shot but that would be boring to show you. Besides, I just got my copy of

Cate Prato's new book, Mixed-Media Self-portraits, which I contributed to, and I noticed some of the other artists have FAR cooler pictures in the bio section than I do. Why didn't I think of that. That is my new goal--a cooler photo. Don't think I'll be asking Matt though. (sorry!)
Now I'm working on a frame for our 21st century fund gala at Brookline High School. My frame will honor Jonathon Riley, US middle distance runner and former olympian (and BHS alumni). 5 others are also being honored by 5 other local artists. It is another interesting challege. The frame is the actual artwork and eventually each frame will hold a mirror. I'll show some photos as I work it out. I'll let you come along on the challenge. What are you doing creative today?

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Vamanos said...

Does practicing Spanish count as creative? I'm also doing publishing research for our book, and a cookbook idea I have. Oh - I did get creative yesterday with clippers after I left the salon diasppointed with my first Mexican haircut!