Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Week at Creative Imaginations

Well, you've been wondering when and where you could get your parts and parcels album and while you wait for them to appear at your local store, you can check out the Creative Imaginations Blog where I am guest blogging this week!  Make sure you stop by and make a comment or two, they will be picking a winner from the comments at the end of the week!  
Do you feel like a winner?

If you've ever had your work table look like this you might not feel like a winner!  I can't believe I'm showing you this shot but hopefully it will make all of you feel a little better about yourselves.  See what I do for you?  Creative Mess therapy!

Can you work like this or are you a neat freak? email me a picture and we can compare notes!


Babsarella said...

I work in a mess. I can't bring myself to take a photo of my office.

Anonymous said...

LOL...Only a mother would appreciate her child admitting to having a messy studio.
I went to mine and thought I'd take a picture to send back to you and then thought this could become a competition to see who's is worse. I will send you a picture of your brother's room instead.