Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I don't see how I can advise someone to keep up with their blogging or to be consistent with their blogging if I, myself, am REALLY REALLY bad at it.

I do take comfort in the fact that I am running a pretty wonderful new site,, that encourages people to live more creatively every day regardless of their age, or career path.  We have already had thousands of visits from over 44 different countries.  We are still in our BETA launch but hope to have even more wonderful additions by this summer.  Oh, and did I mention that there are daily weekday blogs!  

So I haven't stopped blogging, I'm just bad about blogging everywhere.  I'm also twittering not too!

In the meantime, I'm almost ready for Brookline Artists Open Studios coming up May 2 and 3.

This piece to the left was inspired by the piece just below it.  

You may be surprised to know that the second piece is 6" x 6" and was created for my new wedding line I'm working on for Creative Imaginations.  The piece above is 24" x 36"!  My first time working this big with text and boy was it FUN!  Expect to see a lot more of this kind of work in the future.

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