Thursday, February 21, 2008

California Dreaming

We ended our CHA trip with a filming episode for CI TV at Scrappin in the Hills scrapbook store. What a blast! Ray, a graphic designer and videographer for MTV made me feel totally comfortable in front of the camera.
The trick of it all was actually managing not to crack up when it got noisy in the store. Who knew that it would be so busy on a Wednesday morning! The owner said it was usually dead at that time of day!
I've attached a video (if this works) of me putting together a section of the Parts and Parcel Album. If you listen in the background you can hear the woman running the store talking on the phone about not eating all day and about her uncle who died, and her friends brother...and so on and so on. It was so random. (to be fair, she wasn't in mourning over her uncle--it sounded like it had happened a while before but helped her story). At one point, it got nice and quiet and then a baby started crying. A very new sounding baby. Then someone comes in and parks their stroller in the middle of the area we are taping in...OBLIVIOUS to the two large cameras pointed at me. Too funny. Really, really had fun doing it. Sonia, my art director extraodinare kept telling me to smile but I found it difficult to do, especially since whenever I looked up the camera wasn't even looking at my face.
I had to do it all off the cuff, no script and no directions. I felt flustered at the middle because I couldn't remember the directions I had written months before. I took a minute and walked through it in my mind and did ok from then on out. I'll see if I can get a link to the finished video when it comes back from editing to share with you.
until next time...

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