Tuesday, February 19, 2008

East Coast time!

Phew! I have finally recovered from my west coast trip to the fabulous CHA show. What a ride! Now I have to fill you in on all the wonderful people and product I saw and things I did---right?

Well, first, Parts and Parcels was a HUGE HIT! I met a lot of people who waited a long time in my make and take lines just to make one of the mini flip flop folios. For all of you who took a business card so you could find my blog, welcome! I heard, not to brag of course, that Parts and Parcels was the "best thing of the 2008 CHA show". And no, my mum wasn't there saying it! (but you would, right mum?) Anywho, I got squeezed into the side wall here with a lovely sign and room for the samples which really helped to sell the new product. The Flip Flop Folios Sold themselves (really at a retail price of $2 and $2.50, how can you go wrong!) The only disappointing thing is that they aren't shipping until May! How sad! Now worries though, we got some really great press visits and, I won't name names but I shook hands with a very wise and humble founding editor who enthusiatically shook my hand and told me I "hit a homerun" with my idea. So that means by the time the product hits the shelves there should be a great amount of publicity promoting them.

Here we are at the invitation only CI event. That's Sonia, my overworked but totally wonderful art director. She's sitting in Christine Adolph's chair demoing her very cool foils and Sticky2 (sticky squared) rub ons while Christine was doing her make and take. I'm showing off the Parts and Parcels line until I didn't have a voice anymore. Matt actually wowed the crowd by demoing the foils for Christine and Parts and Parcels for me so I could get some dinner (which was actually strawberry ice cream--all that was left!)

I had a great time at the Quarry booth as well. I love that they have an author breakfast and that some of the press comes by for a meet and greet. I also crammed a make and take there along with a book signing on Tuesday.

The only upsetting part of the trip was feeling under the weather on Saturday night and finding out my Becky was home from school for a couple days with a fever. Technology being what it was, we were able to console her via video conference. Matt was a real trooper and lugged my bag (Amy Butler's Dancing Mums--I was stopped in the aisles with this bag), fetched me nyquil, brought me water and even helped with my make and takes. I just wish I had captured him on film doing it all!

I managed to scoot out of the show without sharing my handful of book title ideas with Mary Ann my lovely Aquisitions Editor. I wasn't sure I'd have the will power! (Yes MA, I want to write lots more books but I need a couple months off to refocus!)

Monday Night we went to a pirate bowling party with the CI reps. Matt and I started the night with eye patches but quickly took them off when we realized we couldn't bowl straight with them on! I had the high score 106 for at least our two lanes of 12+ people and probably a bunch of the other people too. I know I should be proud of that score but I swear my average used to be 126 when I was 11 years old! I do feel proud of the fact that I "taught" a couple of candle pin bowlers how to play with the big balls.

Matt and I went to the Disney California Event on the last night and got the chance to meet 4 lovely scrapbook store owners and the team from When Creativity Knocks. Great laughter and fun time was had by all.

The next time I blog I'll share pictures of my last day in So. Cal and sum up the rest of the trip.
I'm glad to be back but I can't wait for my next visit in April--counting the days!


Karin said...

I LOVED reading all about the show...now I understand why people blog - SO much easier than sitting down with 50 people and showing them pictures and telling the whole story. The photos say it all...glad to see your fab product got the attention it deserves.

Katie said...

OMG!! You just made my day!! There is NO photos of me at all at CHA and there I am talking to Sonia in your last picture in the corner with the grey shirt!!! Of course it's not the best picture.. but at least it's a picture of me!!! LOL!!! Do you have any other pictures from the preview party or cha? I really was bad with my camera!