Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brimfield I-Spy

I spy, with my little eye:
a Chinese imported box that will make a perfect assemblage spot
glimmering crystals, I'll make lovely ornaments and use the whole lot
speller book with entries like: The bishop is no bibber nor bigot
Three metal frames all dirty and rusted and each has a letter slot
two strings of oval and egg shaped beads for necklace couture that is haute
a plethora of metals thing, what I'll use them for yet, I know not
I'm not sure what happened yesteray but I definitely hit a wall at noon. I think I should have taken a morning break and I could have gone a bit longer. I think knowing that I was going to head back with friends on Friday was reassuring enough that I felt comfortable heading home at about 1.
I toyed with a bunch of paper weights and whether or not to buy them. I'd like to use them for my potential art co-op this christmas but I'm not sure. If you've seen my (co-authored) book Handmade Gifts, you've probably seen the really great set of paperweights I made in there. I'd love to make a handful more but I'm not sure if they'd sell as holiday gifts. Thought??? Right now I'm going to focus on some altered paper jewelry, small works of art, ornaments, and metallic message boards. I'm thinking "bits". "bits" of art, "bits" of whimsy, "bits" of beauty. One of the strings of beads I found look like speckled birds eggs. Now I'm in search of old bird illustration books...hmmmm the wheels are turning.
I love a challenge. Really. I just LOVE them. Give me three ingredients and dare me to make dinner, give me a new tool or supply and aske me for 3 new ways to use it. Give me 7 kinds of chocolate and dare me to pick a favorite (ok that last one was really just a ploy to get some chocolate!)
Maybe I'll go bake some cookies...

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Dr. Knitter said...

This blog title is super eye catching (for those of us who love Brimfield AND the I-Spy series)... I can see another book in the making :-)