Friday, May 02, 2008

What will it take?

I'm not sure what it will take to get me to this computer every day to blog. I'm loving that so many of you are taking the time to read it and maybe I'm letting the pressure get to me!?! I want to blog every day! I mean, I really WANT to but I don't. Almost every day I think, Oh, I should blog now but then I can't think of anything worthy enough to blog about--worthy of you all! I want to take a photo to include in my blog, I want to add hyperlinks for your benefit and it all just stops me. Geesh!
Oh, and being busy every now and then doesn't help things either!
So here is my promise:
I'll keep trying! I'll stop apologizing and spend that time blogging. I have some great new ideas for the blog and my website, I have some fabulous new products coming out to market. My fine art work is just so taking on a life of its own that I find myself smiling quite often. I'm working on art retreat proposals, classes here, at local independently owned stores, classes for kids who deserve better art classes, and yes, even book proposals--can you stand it???

I know different people are inspired by different things, some do what they do to find a cure (3 day walk), some to provide awareness (Changing Lives), some to save innocent lives (Free Tibet), some to care for our four legged friends (A Place to Bark), some honorable families just do what they do to put food on the table everyday. I am inspired to make the world a more beautiful place. Sure, I suppose I'm not going to save lives, well, not directly, but can I make a child happy to see their work framed and hanging on a wall? Can I (co-)write a book that inspires a new mom with the baby blues (Celebrating Baby)to make something and thereby lift her spirits. Can I paint/collage a picture of a lovely cottage on the cliffs of Ireland that someone will cherish and pass on to their children one day. Can I design a product that encourages the keeping of family memories? I CAN!

Of course, I'm not totally selfless! I do so enjoy making art. My heart aches when I have to be out of my studio for a prolonged time. My personal batteries are indeed charged by getting paint under my nails. And lets not forget my pilgrimages to Brimfield--the wonderous and plentiful antique mecca!

So, here it is, the end of another post...I have links, and a photo and maybe a clearer message--even if it is just a message to myself. Be the ART you wish to see in the world...

Now off to Illustration Friday to see this week's challenge. (I'm writing this here so someone will hold me to it!)

By the way, this piece pictured here is called Mind Your P's and Q's: the beer machine and I find it quite hilarious.

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