Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Have I lost my marbles???

I can't believe May 1st came and went and I didn't post my NEW BOOK! Egads! Well, here is my latest baby. I really love the layout of the inside pages. They made it look like you're flipping through a card designers' workbook! very fun--and I LOVE fun!

So many of you visiting here from IF and other Artist sites may be wondering what I'm doing writing paper craft books. And many of you who read and own my paper craft books may be wondering why I keep posting fine art work and illustrations.

Many of you might not care-ha!

But I thought I'd take a moment today to sort it out, just a little--I promise! I am an artist! Trained and everything! (University of Michigan School of Art and Architecture--GO BLUE!!). Because of my artistic prowess, I like to live as creatively as I can. I like to dress in bright colors, I like to crochet (my brain doesn't DO knitting), I like to sing, I like to go to the theater, I like to color with my girlies, I like period movies, I like to make sandcastles, etc.

Many of my artist friends also have "day jobs" that help them pay the bills. I do too. My day job is to share my creative living with anyone who wants to add a little more art in their lives. How lucky am I?!?! So, my day job consists of writing a column for Cloth Paper Scissors, writing books for Quarry books (see above!), designing product for the paper craft industry (currently via Creative Imaginations and Provo Craft), and teaching anything and everything. Phew, that sure keeps me busy. In my off time I like to create original, fine art, mixed media collages and assemblages--my "night job".

Occasionally I run into artists who don't like scrapbookers, scrapbookers the don't like rubber stampers, rubber stampers that don't like painters, painters that don't like collage artists and collage artists who don't like anyone...

Eek! My goal in life is to get ALL of the great ideas out of my head before I check out and to get everyone to play nice together. There is so much out there that we can learn from each other. Being creative lessens stress, increases self worth, and makes the world a nicer place. Right?

I have an collaged angel that my college roommate gave me and it says... "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say: I used everything you gave me." (Erma Bombeck) Regardless of your religious or non-religious affiliation, I think this isn't a bad wish to have. So lets not hold any of that creativity in and lets paint the town red...and green and blue, and a little old book page here and a little acrylic gel there....

as Paper Source says, Do something creative, everyday.


Dr. Knitter said...

You have not lost your marbles...people with small kingdoms need to defend their land most intensely. Keep your good attitude!

[Charlene] said...

I pre-ordered your book through Amazon and I love it. I had noticed the wide range of things you do. Thanks for the explanation. I've noticed the territory wars and us vs. them mentality, but have worked to ignore it. I love doing other kinds of things, trying new areas of creative expression. I believe they cross-pollinate my creativity, and I'm happier and more creative for my wanderings into other media/outlets. Again, love the new book! Congrats!