Friday, November 21, 2008

"I might even be a rockstar!"

-Hannah Montanna (or Miley Cirus I forget which)

What to do when you have to go to "Gala" but want to still look like an artist?  Go Aerosmith!  Ha, you can't see it very well but around my neck is this Half scarf, Half necklace thing (Scarlace?  Neckarf?) that looks very Aerosmith to me.  Pair it with a little black dress, black tights and Short-hair-that-needed-to-be-cut-4-weeks-ago-but-was-straightened-with-an-iron-to-look-cool.

This was the 21st century gala that I mentioned in earlier posts.  I had a lovely time and I rocked the dance floor with a number of other adults who had varying degrees of rhythm.  The cover band was easy to listen to, and even easier to look at with a gorgeous "Seal"-like lead singer (I mean the artist not the ocean mammal).  I also got to meet Jonathon Riley finally!  What a sweetheart!  He said all the right things about the art too--I was touched.  Thanks Jon!

I promise you less pictures of my every changing hairstyles and more art very soon.  Just wait until you see the pictures from my good friend Karin's Birthday lunch.  Coming soon!

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