Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is a shot by David L. Ryan for the Boston Globe article on Tara Donovan's show at the ICA. Wow, wow and wow. We took advantage of Vetran's Day yesterday and took the girls to this exhibit. I'm sure you can't tell from the picture but this is a hanging sculpture of styrofoam cups. (I know, not ecologically friendly but as long as you keep it hanging you don't need it to biodegrade right? )There were 16 different pieces all created for the space. We were told that it took 2 weeks to assemble everything. and much of it needed to be assembled on site. In one room, Tara created a wall of straws. You didn't realize it until you got up close! AMAZING. and a whole bunch of Why didn't I think of that?

but this is what I did think of...

Doesn't mean much to you I assume but if I could work on each of these ideas, I could be busy for a year! (ok, maybe 6 months) all thanks to a day of mind blowing inspiration. And breakfast at Zaftigs. Nice place but why is an egg mcMuffinstein $11???? But what I do to sit amongst Danny O's art. small price I say.

What is going to inspire YOU today!


Vamanos said...

I feel like I'm looking at DaVinci's notebooks!

Have you had the mediterranean chicken salad at Zaftigs - yum! I get a half order for luch sometimes and order a catering order for parties - couscous, cranberries - very tasty!

Sonia Mara Adame said...

I am jealous that you were around Danny O...even if was only his art. I secretly love him you know! Did you know his art is in a childs bedroom on the show One Tree Hill. Just a tidbit of info!