Monday, January 12, 2009

Endpapers and Warm hands

So tonight I think I'm going to get my Christmas pressie from my dear friend Karin whom I mention in about 50%+ of my posts. Karin made me a fingerless glove for Christmas. Just one. But let me take you back a moment.

Imagine four good friends tasting homemade cookies (and Turkish Delights from Karin!) and exchanging Christmas presents. We had eeked out just enough time to exchange in our busy holiday schedules. As we handed them out it seemed we all had to "explain" or appologize for something we didn't get just quite right. It was pretty pathetic. Even though every gift was received with statements like..." WOW, no one can top this gift this year!" and "My husband doesn't stand a chance at getting me a gift as wonderful as this!", we still found it necessary to explain. The funniest explanation was my gift from Karin. As I opened it she said, "You will see immediately what is wrong with your gift of fingerless gloves...there is only one!"

Karin, dear, dear Karin, had taken the handmade pledge this year and was stressing me out. I couldn't compete. I saw her knitting all summer and all fall. I felt lowly and humble--until I opened my one glove.

She has now finished my other glove, I know because there is a picture of it on her blog. I wore the lone glove for about a week before giving it back to Karin for a short while. It is an endpaper pattern (see the end papers in the background). And while Karin thinks its fitting for me because she knows I am a paper artist, I find it dear because of the fleur di lis on it which can't help but remind me of Karin, the New Orleans transplant (but original New Englander). I can't help but think of her (and Oppossums) every time I wear them.

Bindi finds the Opposum yarn intriguing and I can't wait to wear them. Just today I was trying to think of what outfit I wanted to pair them with at the Craft and Hobby Association Convention (CHA) at the end of the month.

How Lucky am I!?

How Lucky were you? Did you received any handmade gifts this year. I hope so!

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Karin said...

::blushing:: shouldn't have...but I'm honored you did!

How do I get to the new website/resource?