Friday, January 02, 2009

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I'll SO have what she's having!  This pic is from the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carrey with romantic lead Zooey Deschanel.
The movie was funny, light-hearted, etc.  It was no MILK or Slumdog Millionare but it made for a nice outing.  

But, what I want to really comment on is the character of Renee Allison, played by Ms. Channel.  She has been haunting me for a few days now.  Carrey plays the uptight banker who finds himself happy again after a 3 year old divorce by saying YES to everything and opening himself up to possibilities.  Creative, yes?  One yes leads to another which leads him to meeting Renee and a crazy scooter ride.  They don't exchange numbers but coincidentally meet again later in the story when Carrey embraces the full YES transformation.  Renee is singing in a band (Munchausen by Proxy) which is definitely more performance art than rock band.  We also find out that she teaches a Jogging photography class.  Carrey asks her what else she does..."anything, (pause) that makes me happy.  
Zooey's character definitely mirrors the person that Carrey is becoming, as seen in their wild dates including a trip to wherever the next plane is going which just so happens to be Lincoln Nebraska.  

As I watched the film, I felt inspired to be a little more crazy, to try something new.  Sure, I tell myself I'm always doing this but that is so rarely true.  Hampered by society? Maybe.  More often stuck in a rut.  Perhaps today I will start small and eat dessert first.

How will you challenge the norm today in an effort to find creative happiness?  Pass the cake!

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