Saturday, January 10, 2009

My baby's Baby

My little protege is done! Finally. She has been working on this scarf for weeks. She mastered granny squares but begged me over and over again to teach her how to crochet. The problem was figuring out the perfect way to teach her. I'm no crochet pro but I knew I could teach her enough of the basics to get her hooked. Get it? Hooked?
If you've ever done crochet before you already know that the first row, workinginto the starting chain is the most difficult. This is why I had started teaching her granny squares after a failed first attempt at crochet lessons. Granny squares go right from the first chain row to the fun stuff. But Becky was bored, she wanted to MAKE something. I have to say, the first time I showed her how to do a single and double crochet and watched her try it I could tell she would be good at it. She has that hand-eye coordination thing that isn't necessary to crochet but definitely makes it easier.
This scarf was three different rows that are repeated for the entire piece. No, it's not perfect but it is a masterpiece just the same. I'm totally jealous that her wonderful Big Sister received it as a gift. Thankfully she's worth it! I hope Bec considers making me one some day. I should be so lucky.
What creative pastime have you shared with the next generation lately. Pass it on.

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Anonymous said...

Like mother like daughter...

Remember the Whimsy Dip flowers that you made in Nursery school? I do, they were so cute. And YOU the child with the big heart, gave them to the visiting Winnie the Pooh...
I wonder if I would have remembered the project or cherished them as much as I do this memory.