Thursday, January 08, 2009

Life is a game...and so is my jewelry

Does THIS look familiar to you?  If so that means you must have a copy of my latest book, Altered Paper Jewelry.  This is ALSO the project I'll be making at the Quayside (Quarry Books) booth #2552 at CHA.  I'll be there from 10 - 11 on Tuesday, January 27.

The one we'll be making will be a slight variation on this one.  We'll be using a small ivory colored domino and will be mixing Christine Adolph's Felicity line and some of Marah Johnson's Rock star rub-ons, sort of a "love ROCKS!" themed piece.  I also couldn't pass up a necklace component at the big box craft store the other day.  I'm going to dismantel it into many funky shapped jump rings.  You'll get a chance to drill your own domino and decorate it to your hearts content...heart, get it?  Hee hee... I'm so over worked I'm getting slap happy here.  

When is the last time you creatively re-worked something that you've been doing the same way?
Tell me about it?  was it a recipe?  A new way of organizing your closet?  Driving a new route to your favorite theater (My husband has been doing that with the GPS--I think he likes her voice)?  Do tell!

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christine adolph said...

Sounds fun Jenn! Look forward to seeing you.