Wednesday, January 07, 2009

You Make My Heart Sing!

Does this card look familiar?  If so then you must already have a copy of my book The Cardmakers Workbook. This is the card I'll be demoing at my Make and Take at the Quayside (Quarry Books) booth (2552) on Monday, January 26th from 10-11.

We'll be using some of Christine Adolph's fabulous Felicity Line of papers which are made of lovely blossoms and hearts and music.

Stop by for any of my make and takes or the BIG Cha class I'm teaching and make sure you pick up one of my eco friendly bags to lug all your convention goodies.  This year my SWAG is green! (well, really its blue--you know what I mean!)

I'm making this heart shaped card so that the participants who make it are all ready for Valentines Day which happens just a couple weeks after.  
How are you going to creatively plan for Valentines day?
(remind me to tell you about our heart shaped pizza one day!)

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