Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moving On...

No matter what your political inclination.  I hope you were tuned in to the inaugaration.  My 3rd grader got to go to town hall with her class to witness history in the making.  I sat in the packed living room of a nearby friend with other nearby friends.  

In trying to keep a "creative" twist to this blog let me tell you what I was impressed by...

Michelle Obama brought a gift to Mrs. Bush
Obama chose to speak humbly rather than poetically
The music by John Williams made me whistle and hum (in a good way)
Yo-Yo Ma couldn't surpress his smile
I wish I could pull off that hat like Aretha
I need to make a trip to D.C. with my girls
I loved the convocation of the Black man, the Brown man, and the yellow mellow man.  (I think he is a brave man for introducing laughter into the service but I so appreciated it)
I am humbled by the means in which we, as Americans, participate in a change of power--with awe and dignity.

How were you inspired?

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