Friday, January 16, 2009

Here's what I would do...

NPR would go on the radio. If it was cd player or an MP3 I would listen to something sing-along-to-able. I would sit at the chair and I would start sketching. Trying to decide what I want to draw. I would use the colors first that weren't that important so that I wouldn't dull the others. (I didn't say there was a pencil sharpener so I have to hoard the sharpness.)

I would probably practice lettering as much as I would drawing. In college we had to "render" type. Not a very useful skill since computers were all the rage at the time but we weren't allowed to use them. Not a great time to be studying Graphic Design. Anyway, rendering type essentially means to draw your letters. You would do this to sketch a layout. I do still like to sketch layouts but for the most part I do it on the computer. The problem with this is that when you show it to someone they assume you're done--looking at something printed on a printer is so deceiving. But I'm getting side-tracked.
I would probably start sketching Hannah, the girl from the children's book I'm supposed to be illustrating but haven't looked at for about two months. That would make me feel better. It would also make me want to invite Libby (the author of said children's book) now that she is living 3 streets away and not 3 time zones.

I would be very content to color--now I just have to find that room.

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