Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome Sadie!

There is nothing that makes you miss home more than funerals and babies.

Today and 10:07 am after 2 hours of fighting to stay in, Sadie Jane joined our family!  Proud mom, Sarah (my sister) labored through the night much to my brother Jeff's dismay and Father's joy (Jeff picked the 23rd on the baby pool and Dad picked today!)

All are doing well, even though Sadie looks a little miffed in this picture and I'm missing home a little more.  Today, for Sadie, I will begin to crochet a pair of booties (since I'm no where near finishing the sweater).  Funny how the creation of a little baby makes you feel like creating something of your own.

Happy Birthday Sadie--Great Job Sarah.

Any one going to creatively top that today?  

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Great Mexican Incident OR Pack Your Assemblage Art into Your CHECKED Bags

This piece which was in the possesion of one of my more generous patrons returned last month to the US after living abroad in Mexico.  In an effort to keep it safe, said patron, took it in her carry-on.  
Airport security is not a fan of assmeblages with vintage scissors attached--and time was not on my patron's side.  Knowing that it would make a good story and an even better blog post.  Libby (aka patron) wrenched the scissors (can you wrench scissors???) from the piece and made it through security just in time to catch her flight.

Now, I don't reccommend you trying this with any of your own art, but I, myself was thrilled with the opportunity to revisit a piece of art with such a great story.  Perhaps I can think of the whole thing as an "art happening"!?!

Uhh, what are the socks for?  Well, dear reader, for future reference, I don't work for free.
I do, however, have a sliding scale and will do restoration work for adorable green knee-hi socks.
Please make note of that.

Monday, February 09, 2009

It's in the genes

I found it totally fitting that I was reading Peony in Love at the same time as Chinese New Year this year.  When I got up and checked on the girls this particular morning, this is how they were dressed for school!  Of course from the front they looked more like antenna than chop sticks but the creativeness was not lost on me!

I do so love how they choose to express themselves and I can't help to wonder if it's nature or nurture.  Not that it matters.  

How do you choose to dress on holidays?  Orange and black for Halloween? red on valentines day? Beer goggles on St. Paddy's day?