Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Found Inspiration

What a bounty! Many of you may know from previous posts that I walk a service dog for a disabled woman here in Brookline. Tigger is wonderfully trained so the walk is usually uneventful... Except for garbage day--he will ignore a squirrel but a half eaten hotdog is nirvana! So, most days we just walk in silence--me lost in thought, tigger happy to be out of the house. Many walks I actually find one or two items along the way that I might be able to use in my work, but NEVER more than 2. This picture shows what I found yesterday! Jackpot. Have no idea what I'll use them for yet but I will use them...oh yes I will!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Passports pictures and paperwork

Here it is. This is the picture I'm going to live with for the next 10 years in my passport. I'm hoping to head to Spain in May to visit my college roomate (Hi Heather!) but I realized that my passport expired at the end of February...WHAT TIMING! Geesh. So I've made it a priority today to get thru the paperwork process today and had Matt snap this photo. Not bad--for what he had to work with. I know my nose looks crooked--one half of my body is slightly larger than my other. You can't notice it in real life but I always notice it in pictures. My mom doesn't believe me but seriously--one hand is bigger (different ring sizes) one foot is bigger (I have to try BOTH shoes on), and "the girls" are TOTALLY different. BTW, if anyone ever figures out how to do breast tissue transplants, I'm totally donating. I figure I have enough cleavage to make at least 3 AA women (and their partners) very happy. See how generous I am? All comes from watching the Big Give last night.

I know I have a lot of friends who don't like to watch TV, and especially don't like Reality Shows but I watched this last night for the first time and was truly touched. The participants had 48 hours and $4800 to make a difference anyway they wanted. Some gave in small ways and three of the men formed a team and raised $290,000+ for a childrens home! WOW! It makes me want to rent Pay it Forward again.

I also should report that I successfully snowboarded yesterday and only slightly bruised my knees. My tailbone is finally feeling on the mend from 2 weeks ago too.
Abby really ROCKED the slopes. What a girl! She doesn't have great technique but instead goes from top to bottom her own amazing way. Just a thrill to watch her. Bec won Big Sister of the Day award by using her brand new ski poles to help Abby whenever she could.

So now that I've filled out my passport papers, done a final edit on my Jewelry Book manuscript, RSVP'd to a birthday party, and blogged, I can finally work on my new CI product. YES!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sore bottoms, cool ego

Today marks two weeks since my first snowboarding try. It also marks two weeks of a sore tailbone. I actually find it more of an annoyance than really a hinderance. It is NOT, NOT I SAY, going to keep me from riding (which Matt tells me is the proper terminology for snowboarding) this weekend! WooHOOOOOO! I just will try hard to NOT fall on my tailbone. I mean really, there is enough padding there to prevent it right!? My desire to be a cool 30 something mom is overriding my need to be pain free. Do my girls know the sacrifices I make for them????

I got some new boarding pants but they're charcoal and boring (and yet really comfortable). I'm wondering how I could paint them and alter them to make them more cool, but I'm not really wanting to mess up their "waterproofness" since I spend a lot of my time on the mountain in the snow!

I really would like to cut some xyron wishblade stencils from laminated manilla cover and spray paint them with a hip paisley design--that would match my cool new paisely ski goggles! (and brain bucket!)

I think I have some research to do here on the paint and then I'll give it a go. Maybe it will be a spring project for me. If any of you have any tips, I would love to hear from you!

now to go find my ski socks and hand warmers---
stay cool!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Illustration Friday: LEAP

Here it is, my first Illustration Friday try! I'm waiting for feedback from my art director and manuscript edits from my copy editor so instead of cleaning my studio, I decided to try this weeks challenge LEAP. I have been sketching this frog for the last week for another project and just had to use him--that along with the theme of leap day (feb 29th) inspired this piece.