Friday, March 07, 2008

Sore bottoms, cool ego

Today marks two weeks since my first snowboarding try. It also marks two weeks of a sore tailbone. I actually find it more of an annoyance than really a hinderance. It is NOT, NOT I SAY, going to keep me from riding (which Matt tells me is the proper terminology for snowboarding) this weekend! WooHOOOOOO! I just will try hard to NOT fall on my tailbone. I mean really, there is enough padding there to prevent it right!? My desire to be a cool 30 something mom is overriding my need to be pain free. Do my girls know the sacrifices I make for them????

I got some new boarding pants but they're charcoal and boring (and yet really comfortable). I'm wondering how I could paint them and alter them to make them more cool, but I'm not really wanting to mess up their "waterproofness" since I spend a lot of my time on the mountain in the snow!

I really would like to cut some xyron wishblade stencils from laminated manilla cover and spray paint them with a hip paisley design--that would match my cool new paisely ski goggles! (and brain bucket!)

I think I have some research to do here on the paint and then I'll give it a go. Maybe it will be a spring project for me. If any of you have any tips, I would love to hear from you!

now to go find my ski socks and hand warmers---
stay cool!

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Babsarella said...

Hope you have a great time. The first time I ever went skiing I fell on my tailbone after the first day. (I'm a Floridian and knew nothing about slipping on the ice til then). Let's just say I was VERY concious about how I fell the rest of the time I was there. Now I am super careful when I have to walk on the ice, but I have been lucky enough to keep from having that experience again!