Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers

Meet my new friend Tigger! He is a bundle of joy! Tigger is not mine but once a day I'm lucky enough to get to walk him. He is a helper dog for another new friend of mine and he is very well trained as you can imagine.
Tigg and I go for walks in the morning after I drop off the girls for school and before I get to work.
Speaking of work...I've been busy! I got the new contract from Xyron this week and will be designing new shapes for their Totally Awesome Wishblade system. They have their new designs on-line now. They are working on the basic designs right now but STAY TUNED, the new stuff will knock your socks off.
Also, I'm working against deadlines for my new book on Card Design. More on that in the near future.
And finally, in work mode, I've been getting ready for the very exciting Brookline Artists' Open Studios. I have everything framed and my price list typed up. Just have to get it over to 25 Stanton Road tomorrow afternoon for set up. IF you happen to be in Brookline, be sure to stop by and say hi! If all works out as planned I will be doing some demo's throughout both days as well.
Wondering about the carriage house? We're progressing. Just met this morning (and into the afternoon) with our wonderful Contractor Rob at Stealth Construction. The budget was swirling out of control but together I think the three of us have come up with a very good plan. The excitement is definitely building. We took the girls to go see Are We Done Yet at the movie theater last weekend to give them a sense of what the construction will look like. They were definitely amazed. Abby is looking forward to taking down walls!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Found Art

Horrible Day outside today but I'm sunny inside. Sold one of my old favorite paintings last night. About 6 hours after I hung it in the window of the corner Doc's office to advertise the upcoming Brookline Open Studios Tour at the end of April, I received a lovely email and a request to buy it. This picture here is actually in the Tiemann family collection in Fort Worth, Texas. Just thought I'd post this one. I'm hoping to fill you all in and get you excited about visiting the Open Studio Tours. If you're not near Brookline, MA then I encourage you to check out the Open Studio availability in your town. You never know the great stuff you might see. Its also fun to meet the artist and ask questions.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Of Illnesses and deadlines

Wow, it's been a little while eh? Well, my littlest one and I both got a nice case of "maybe" strep. For a week it was a lot of, "ok I feel better!" followed by, "rats my fever is back". I don't know if you'd call that quality time that Abby and I spent together but we watched a lot of home improvement shows! She's already to try her hand at demoing. In the middle of all this Matt had two trips to take and I had some serious deadlines and we had our offer accepted on the little carriage house here in Brookline. Still waiting to finalize the details on the carriage house but Abby and I are better, Matt is home and my deadline was reached! (Ok, I have to ship it out today but it will get there on time!)
Now I have to finish my article for Cloth, Paper, Scissors and then get my butt moving on the new book. Got a lot of stuff bouncing around in my head and now its time to get it all on paper.
Will do my best to blog more often now that I'm not coughin' or contagious!
Oh, and Happy April! (for April Fools day Becky took all the underware out of her daddy's drawer and hid it on her bed under her covers--pretty tricky!)