Friday, March 20, 2009

A kind word...

This week I received both a question about a project in my new book, The Cardmaker's Workbook as well as an unsolicited compliment!  The astute reader was hoping to find a template for the purse pictured on page 59.  Unfortunately the purse pictured was a lovely sticker made by K & Co. and licensed by the wonderfully talented Amy Butler.  

The compliment, well, I'm just too touched not to share it with you!

Dear Ms Mason:
I felt the need to write you a short note after I purchased your book The Cardmakers workbook.   I have been making cards-mostly with rubber stamps--for about 15 years.  I have every book imaginable on the subject and thought I did not need to buy another one.  UNTIL i saw this book.  It is wonderful--the best of all that I have purchased over the years.  I am sure my copy will be dogeared and highlighted before long.  I am already looking forward to applying several of your ideas on my upcoming projects.
Thank you for a wonderful tool.
Best wishes----Gail W.

Thanks Gail!  Your comments made my day!  

Other news at the studio?  Well I'm keeping busy with all the Brookline Open Studios hoopla and managed to get the brochure and poster off to the printer in time!  Yeah.  Thanks, of course goes to my team of designers, editors, runners and proofers.  

Friday, March 06, 2009

Altered Paper Jewelry Inspires

Here's a great link to a blog article from my friend Stefanie Girard at Craftside. I just love how Stef takes inspiration from the books she features.  I think its a perfect way to show readers how to look beyond the pages of the book and make the projects customized for themselves.

Have you tried making any of the projects in any of my books?  If so, email me at and I'll post them here!

Don't forget to check out my new website, for inspiration on how to live creatively everyday!  Today is Frugal Friday on the blog--come by and save a couple$$!