Thursday, September 25, 2008

One of those days...

Every night at dinner we have a tradition of saying our best and worst of the day. Yesterday was a bad day for me. Just so many balls in the air at one time and not enjoying one minute of it. Interestingly enough, my "best" was that nothing had to do with my girls. Oh, that sounds bad.
What I mean is, that they were the only things--along with Matt, who didn't cause me some amount of stress. The three of them were my breath of fresh air. And, probably due to no homework assignments, they were relative happy even after a long day at school.
So, in their honor, here is phase one of a portrait I'm working on for them (and me). I don't do portraits (well occasionally one of a beloved canine every couple of years). And this one is far from being completed. I will now need to go back in and collage and obscure--make it more me. I think I needed to have it look like them first instead of going right to obscurity.
Abby asked--as only Abby could--Could she have the painting when I die. In a screwed up kind of way, I was touched. Honestly I was worried about their reaction when I started painting them blue and orange, pink and green, that they would hate it and not wait until the final stages. Becky said she liked it but encouraged me to "go funky" with it. What a doll.
Oh, and let me mention scale. This is 36" x 36" so at least two times life size. GIANT!
Can't wait to work on it some more.
Going back to my lousy day yesterday...
My thought in the middle of it all...
"It's days like to day that help me to realize that I'm not as great as I think I am."
enough said.
Today is better.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Finding Gems

This weekend I was indulged. While Becky took an audition class for Seussical, Matt, Abby, and Bindi let me drag them up to Somerville to check out the Mudflat Studios Sidewalk sale. These are the treasures I brough back! I know, I know, what am I going to do with all these lovelies? Well, the squarish one propped up in the back is my new spoon rest, the white one in the front is holding kosher salt by the stove, some are bowls that will either be used for nuts or dips during parties or will be given as gifts. Some will be used in my studio and some will just be cherished. The prices were unbelievable but I only felt bad for a moment because I made a promise to love each piece. Matt just shook his head but I'd so rather use one of these bowls, or gift a small boquet of flowers in one of these vessels than to buy something made in China. I do that too much as it is. The only sad thing was that by the time I got them home and unwrapped them , I wanted to head right back and get more! But it was all over by then. Check out their website link above for their December sale. Make the world a nicer place, buy more art!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My date with Ruben

Today I had a date with my crochetted ski hat recipient. As you can see, he has amazing taste in art. The piece he is front of is called "our boys". He especially liked that one.
What a charmer. We went out for indian but the poor guy fell asleep as soon as the naan made it to the table. Maybe next time. We did have time here to discuss composition and color, he thinks I should try working smaller because it hurts his wittle neck to look up so high. I'll work on that Ruben!
Also, I wanted to pass on this link to a post by Carla who had not only completed a Parts and Parcel Album (you know, that product I designed for Creative Imaginations that I can't shut up about) but also made it an absolutely beautiful and a shining example of how you can really go "all-out" with embellishments. Which reminds me, I should be making one that uses a minimal amount of embellishments to show the opposite effect. Oh if I only had a staff of 12 Rubens to get me through my to do list.
Until we meet again little one...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Crochet bikini, NOT!

Here is Bec's crochetted bikini, well, sort of. I initially wanted to make her a bikini but as soon as she tried on the top piece, my sweet little girl got modest on me and said she probably wouldn't wear it like it was. And IF she wore it, she might not wear it swimming. So Bec and I worked on this one back and forth. I undid the entire first top and started over.

Then I started on the front. She requested more lenght along the front--I obligied. Then she wanted more coverage around the arms, I did that too.
I added scalloped chains along the bottom that criss cross each other and placed "holey" stitches in modest places. The shoulder straps were triple crochets on a chain--light and airy. the back ties are chains reinforced with slip stitches.
I just love the way it came out and if I can figure out how to write up directions for it, I will! Now that the summer is coming to an end, I'm wanting to pull my knitting supplies back out of storage and re-teach myself some things. I'm feeling braver with yarn now than I ever have. I want to learn enough to get myself into and out of trouble.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Bindi is HERE!

Hello meet the new studio mascot, BINDI!
no, I did not name her. I wanted to change her name but I was out voted. I don't know how that happened because I told everyone I got 6 votes and they each got two. I suppose I forgot to count Bindi's vote.
You'll also see here the pictures of Becky and Abby getting ready to walk to their first day of school. YEAH! You should know that I am really bad at providing structure for this family. I realized this over the summer. Last summer we were busy working on the house so it already felt discombobulated. But this year was a real struggle to balance work and girls and house work.
Even so, I've managed to get a lot done (except maybe for the housework).
Brookline Artist Open Studios is going to get a fresh new look and feel so that the artists can really network and visit with each other. I'm working on book #7 proposal. I've been asked to participate in Brookline's 21st Century fund. I'm proposing new product to new companies (this is my secret favorite project--if I can get this product produced there is so much fun instore for you all!) I'm working on my "greenness". Reading more, cooking more and really looking to launch a whole new branch of Jenn Mason to the public. This is taking some doing to get the right domain name and content but I hope to tell you more about it very soon.
In the meantime I've been watching TIVOed episodes of the Dog Whisperer and walking the dog.
What did you do this summer?