Sunday, September 07, 2008

Crochet bikini, NOT!

Here is Bec's crochetted bikini, well, sort of. I initially wanted to make her a bikini but as soon as she tried on the top piece, my sweet little girl got modest on me and said she probably wouldn't wear it like it was. And IF she wore it, she might not wear it swimming. So Bec and I worked on this one back and forth. I undid the entire first top and started over.

Then I started on the front. She requested more lenght along the front--I obligied. Then she wanted more coverage around the arms, I did that too.
I added scalloped chains along the bottom that criss cross each other and placed "holey" stitches in modest places. The shoulder straps were triple crochets on a chain--light and airy. the back ties are chains reinforced with slip stitches.
I just love the way it came out and if I can figure out how to write up directions for it, I will! Now that the summer is coming to an end, I'm wanting to pull my knitting supplies back out of storage and re-teach myself some things. I'm feeling braver with yarn now than I ever have. I want to learn enough to get myself into and out of trouble.


Unknown said...

OK, that is the world's cutest tankini I have seen...a totally modern interpretation of a crochet classic! I love it! I especially love how good it looks on your natural (very healthy sunkissed) model daughter. Well-done!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Some of the artisans her make them and sell tham in shops and stalls - but mostly skimpy bikinis. This one is soooo cute and modest. Great collaboration J&B!

Anonymous said...

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