Monday, September 15, 2008

Finding Gems

This weekend I was indulged. While Becky took an audition class for Seussical, Matt, Abby, and Bindi let me drag them up to Somerville to check out the Mudflat Studios Sidewalk sale. These are the treasures I brough back! I know, I know, what am I going to do with all these lovelies? Well, the squarish one propped up in the back is my new spoon rest, the white one in the front is holding kosher salt by the stove, some are bowls that will either be used for nuts or dips during parties or will be given as gifts. Some will be used in my studio and some will just be cherished. The prices were unbelievable but I only felt bad for a moment because I made a promise to love each piece. Matt just shook his head but I'd so rather use one of these bowls, or gift a small boquet of flowers in one of these vessels than to buy something made in China. I do that too much as it is. The only sad thing was that by the time I got them home and unwrapped them , I wanted to head right back and get more! But it was all over by then. Check out their website link above for their December sale. Make the world a nicer place, buy more art!

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