Thursday, April 17, 2008

If you give a mouse a hunk of brie...

If you give a mouse a hunk of brie,

she'll want a crisp grannie smith apple to go with it

and if you give her a grannie smith apple,

she's going to want a glass of pinot grigio to go with it

and if you give her a glass of pinot grigio,

she's going to want ANOTHER glass of pinot grigio to go with it

and if you give her another glass of pinot grigio on a Thursday night

she's going to fall asleep in the middle of the Colbert Report

and if she falls asleep in the middle of the Colbert Report she's going to wake up early

and if she wakes up early she's going to get hungry earlier and need a snack

and if she's hungry earlier and needs a snack, she might go to the refrigerator and see a hunk of brie

and you know, if you give a mouse a hunk of brie.....

Or so the story goes...

Open Studios, Great Reviews and New Opportunities

Yeah! It's done and it was a complete success! Thanks to all those who stopped by for Open Studios here in Brookline. A special thanks to all of you who purchased your own Jenn Mason Original artwork, book or necklace while you were here. I'm filled up with joy from all the kind words you left me with and from the compliments on our new digs. This is especially great because it is something I can truly share with Matt who makes my life so complete.

Becky had a great weekend too. She sold ALL 7 pieces of art and is looking forward to next year's show. She beamed all weekend! For those of you interested, she is splitting her profits evenly amongst spending, short term savings, long term savings (college) and charity--what a girl.

Abby had another Lilly show today and there was a great review by the globe too!

Speaking of interesting reads... I saw this new book by Suzan Lenart Kazmer is out called Making Connections. It is available through her website and looks facsinating. I have to get my hands on a copy and when I do, I'll make sure to tell you all about it. If you've read it, feel free to let me know what you think!

Also, interestingly enough I had a chat with a very dear friend today who proposed a new "genius" product. She's also asked me to jump on board with her. How touched am I??? So here I go, jumping on another project that I can't tell you anything about--YET! Stay tuned my dear readers!

until then--(or sooner!)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Time is of the essence

It seems like I'm right down to the ticker tonight. Tomorrow Abby has a final dress rehearsal, Becky has her first performance of Seussical, and I have the rest of the artists coming over to set up their "stuff".

I finished the Open Studio Window display and it looks pretty sharp. I've collected 18 or so bottles of wine for my preview party. I've picked up things that I should have picked up 2 or 3 months ago.

All in all, its looking pretty great around here--even if there are about 20 too many pieces of art hanging on the wall. If you're local, feel free to come by, ther are so many studios open here in Brookline that I don't think you could see them all in two days.

I have two more assemblages I want to finish before Saturday Morning and I hope I can pull it off. I've assembled all the stuff into two piles, now I just have to let the art muse out and let it all come together. But first--I had better clean off my studio table so there is some place for the magic to happen.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MISSING: Blogger!

Sometimes I feel like I spend my whole day going to or coming from school, so this seems an appropriate image today. I just HAD to blog before leaving for California tomorrow. I feel like I've been locked away in a remote location where I couldn't blog!

Rest assured I've just been extremely busy. I'm still working on the new product line for Creative Imaginations. I've also worked on my lasers for my Jewelry book, artwork for my articles, the window display for open studios, the postcard maps for open studios, ordering customized cards, notecards, postcards and magnets for open studios.... and working on a lovely birthday present for my dear friend's 40th!

So now that I've blogged I'm going to be off line for the weekend while I soak up some Southern California sun!
Look for me here on Monday--I'll be here with details of the trip and things to look forward to next weekend.

TGIW (thank goodness it's Wednesday!)