Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Time is of the essence

It seems like I'm right down to the ticker tonight. Tomorrow Abby has a final dress rehearsal, Becky has her first performance of Seussical, and I have the rest of the artists coming over to set up their "stuff".

I finished the Open Studio Window display and it looks pretty sharp. I've collected 18 or so bottles of wine for my preview party. I've picked up things that I should have picked up 2 or 3 months ago.

All in all, its looking pretty great around here--even if there are about 20 too many pieces of art hanging on the wall. If you're local, feel free to come by, ther are so many studios open here in Brookline that I don't think you could see them all in two days.

I have two more assemblages I want to finish before Saturday Morning and I hope I can pull it off. I've assembled all the stuff into two piles, now I just have to let the art muse out and let it all come together. But first--I had better clean off my studio table so there is some place for the magic to happen.

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