Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snowmen and Sunshine!

Have you ever had just a glorious day even though you didn't really get anything on your to-do list done?

Today was one of those days for me. Karin, one of my new Brookline friends sent me this picture of her family's first snowman using a snowman making kit I gave her family this Christmas. Very dapper don't you think??

The sun was shinning today in a way that made us just stop and look up and bask in it...fully clothed in boots, neck warmer, gloves and ear muffs of course!

I played hookey from the studio for a little and had a lovely breakfast with my dear friend Martha who is still recovering from an awesome job as co-director of our elementary school's auction and teacher appreciation dinner. I think she should be back to normal soon.

My mum is coming on Saturday so I feel like I should be taking before and after pictures of my dirty house. I try to reassure my friends when they have jealous pangs in regards to my artistic skills and I tell them that I am REALLY bad at keeping a clean house! Off to sweep and dust!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Power Surge

Have you had one of those days where it felt like even the power company was working against you? Today I had to make two important business calls to California but because I'm on the east coast I had to wait until after noonish to call. When did the power go out at our house?? a little after noonish. When did the power go back on??? just minutes before I had to go pick up the kids!

I'm not REALLY complaining though. I did get to spend some time working on three different pieces consecutively! When I get them done I will post them here. One involves a fig and another drinking straws....are you curious!?

This piece is called "the three year itch". A family member who shall remain nameless is the inspiration for this piece. In the upper left corner it says... "she moved every three years so that she didn't have to clean the oven". I know it seems like "I" might be the inspiration for this since I seem to move every 2 or 3 years but I don't really use my oven so I can go a full 5 or 6 years! This is one in a series of "house therapy" pieces that I'm working on while we search for affordable housing here in Brookline. I may have to resort to shoveling snow for old widows or widowers in hopes of getting them to leave me their house in their will!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The last 10%

Sometimes I struggle with the last 10% of whatever needs to be done. Take these pieces to the left here. I finished them at the end of last year (2006). I had the frames and everything but I could never seem to find the time to put them INTO the frames.
First I couldn't find space on my desk, then I couldn't find my windex wipes to clean the glass, then I couldn't remember where I put my studio hammer to hammer the hanger in the back...and so on.
I'm working on getting that big old scary 10% done this month and the beginning of next so that I'm all ready for my first "Open Studios". I'll be exhibiting with 3 other artists in one of their HUGE houses because I'm not quite sure where I may be at the end of April, house-wise that is.
These little collages are little gems with the frames measuring about 5" x 5". I loved working at this size but now I'm trying to work on the opposite end of the spectrum thinking big, like 24" or 36". Maybe one day I'll have the guts to work even bigger but the challenge there is finding found objects that work at that scale. My new mixed media friend John (aka fred) is struggling with the same issues. His work is terrific and he lives right around the bend in the road.
I'm playing with the thought of gathering a bunch of mixed media artists for an exhibit called "mixed messages" or something like that. It would be a compilation of mixed media art with some interesting questions and answers, interactive elements and a guide for families and children. Yeah right, in my free time.
Until then I need to fix the little ones some lunch before we drag them to yet another open house. Going to open houses seems to be a sort of sport for the people of Brookline, MA. Even the people who own houses and have no intention of moving go to them! What a weird set up!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

she paid her dues

Ahhhh, to be home again....
And see? I'm still blogging! Two days in a row!
I'm working on adding a Cafe Press link on my website right now (or should I say my loverly husband is working on it for me??-I always struggle with the fine line between interesting information and TMI!) Once its up you will be able to order actual art work on actual items but I vow, right here and now, you WILL NOT be able to order my art on a "classic thong"--at least not until pigs fly.
I love this piece and when I don't have something important to say here on my blog I'll share some recent artwork instead. I'd love to know what you think? It measures 5" x 5" and is a lino-print/mixed media collage. It is titled "she paid her dues."
I love that we came home one and a half days early from vacation. Don't you hate having coming home from vacation transition immediately back into realty?
Tomorrow I'm going to have an interesting walk to the grocery store. Poor Matt ruined his perfect driving record and got in an accident on Valentines day in the first storm of the season so we are currently without transportation. I think I will only buy light things on this trip since I have to lug them all home.
Family anecdote: While my husband and I were sharing a hot tub soak with my littlest one (almost 6 yrs) I told her she could have a sip of my cold drink if she served as our marriage counselor. (I know, what a weird request but you have to know Abby to understand).
Abby: Ok mom, what is one of your complaints about daddy.
Me: Well, I don't like it that Daddy doesn't get me flowers that much and when I buy flowers for myself Daddy always says "Oh, I was going to get you flowers today but you already got yourself some"
Abby: Ok, mom, here is the trick...Daddy, cover your ears and sing something so you can't hear me.... Ok, mom, you use your confidence AND sound a little sad, even if you're not and you trick him and say: Today is our anniversary and I really wish you had gotten me some flowers.
Me: but it isn't our anniversary
Abby: I know, that is the TRICK!
Smart girl, eh?

Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm back, AGAIN!

You may notice that it's been about a year since my last post. My alert MIL noticed too! I'd like to state that I started my first blog before it was hip and before anyone knew what a blog was, but I digress.

I am back and rededicated to bloging--at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Of course today was the one day that we didn't check the weather so we were on the slopes for a brief time and had to have multiple stops for hot chocolate to warm back up with the 40 mph winds trying to defeat our winter spirit!
Today was the last day on the slopes at Okemo, VT and tomorrow it's back to Brookline and my studio. I've had a little time to sketch and I have some fun pieces I'm looking forward to painting once I get back including using a new (old) wooden box that I found at a local antique store.
The picture above is one of my girls with my MIL on a snowshoe expedition that led us to a mostly frozen waterfall. We shoveled away the snow from the icy pour-over and when we stood very quietly we could still here the water rushing over the waterfall safely encased in the icy blanket. So tranquil that even Becky thought it was a good reason to just sit still for a moment.
Have I mentioned lately how much I love being back where the seasons are so beautiful?