Monday, January 28, 2008

Attempted Gallery, was a TEMPTING success!

Here is the back of Abby's head and the bass player from the John Fisher Trio. She stood there a lot of the night tapping her foot.
It was no wonder, the place was so packed everywhere else that I think she got tired of getting smushed. Or, perhaps more likely, that was the spot closest to the cookies--smart girl.
Oh, maybe I should back track for a minute...this is a picture from the aTTempted Gallery night in Brookline, MA. I believe we had 30+ artists, each artist can bring one piece, (15" x 15"). You bring your art between 1-6 and the party starts at 7. We transform the Brookline Arts Center into a gallery for the night. At 10 pm all the art goes home. Too FUN! I volunteered to check in the art. What a great job. I got to see some amazing art but I also got to meet new artists. The music was great, the food plentiful and I even got to have a lovely conversation with a Boston Globe Reporter and fellow assemblage buff. She asked me some interesting questions but the most interesting was the one she brought from her husband. He said to ask me ...."Why?" What a great open ended question. It was difficult to answer too. I don't want to spoil the reporter's story that comes out Sunday but let's just say it revolved around telling stories. This is all a part of Brookline Open Studios
Stopped a Paper Source today to pick up a few more supplies for my Press Kits for CHA. If you press, and you're going to be there, make sure to pick one up...there are goodies inside!
What happens to the days, 4 errands after I started the day I realize I have enough time to send this post and answer one email and I have to go off to pick up the kids?!?
Never enough time.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here I am, just hanging out in my studio. See how nice and clean it is? That only lasted about 2 days. In the mad rush to get my book manuscript and art in on time, it got messy again. Drats. No worries, it was all worth it. I don't know if it was because I was working on Jewelry which are smaller projects or because I finally have my act together working on my 6th book but it wasn't so hard to rap this baby up.
I got some cover choices and layout choices this week so in the very near future I'll be able to show you what to look for on the book shelves come November. Can you believe it? November? That seems like forever but in book years that is about only 5 minutes away. In the mean time you'll be able to get engrossed in The Cardmaker's Workbook.
I just got word from Creative Imaginations that I'm gong to be able to announce my new product in a few more days! Hurrah! I can't wait to share it with you.
In the meantime, I should tell you that I finally played with my new die-cut designs that I did for Provocraft, the corset and the placesetting. I had to use my old sizzix because I don't actually own a cuttlebug but no worries! It works nicely. I can't wait to use the corset in an actual project! And I'll have to have a party just to use the placesetting die.
So now that the book is D-O-N-E I'm ramping up for CHA, if you're going to be there, come by the Creative Imaginations and Quayside booth and say hi! I'm taking my lovely hubby this year. Time for him to see MY world! Should be fun--but I always LOVE CHA, its like an artist reunion for me, even if it is exhausting.
Now its time to send this post and get some grub

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Daunting Tasks and a clean studio

I'm just minutes away from yet another studio photo shoot. I sent in pics during this photo shoot that Becky stumbled into that Cloth Paper Scissors wants to use in their upcoming Studio Special Issue. Unfortunately I didn't get the lighting right for them to be able to use the picture as a full page so in the midst of working on my book deadline (7 days and counting!) I needed to stop everything and CLEAN the studio. I'm hoping working in a clean studio once the shoot is done, doesn't ruin my book writing mojo.
Other daunting tasks on the horizon besides the book? Isn't that enought????! But really besides daily mom and wife and domestic goddess duties (which I am seriously deficient in), I have to book my CHA reservations. If you're in Aneheim make sure you stop by the Creative Imaginations booth for a first look at my new product! and the Quayside publishers booth for more make and take madness. Speaking of Make and Takes I still have to plan that too.
I booked another Cortona, Italy workshop for 2009 (start saving your pennies!) and I have to work on that program as well.
I was thinking that by April I might be a little more calm and then I found out that Abby's opening weekend for the Wheelock Family Theater Play, Becky's school play and MY Open studios are all happening the same weekend!
The photograher (Deborah) is here, must run but make sure to check out the Studio issue of CPS--you can tell everyone that you KNOW my studio is NEVER that clean.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cold, Cold, Cold....Brrrrrrr

Ok, so this is really cheating. The picture here is from the week prior to Christmass when we just kept getting snow! It actually wasn't even that cold...maybe jsut below 32 degrees. But today, brrrr it was only 7! Which means today we discovered that two of our newly installed faucet have frozen. The builder is coming over tomorrow to do all the last things that need to be done and will hopefully help solve this problem.
In the meantime, the girls are back to school, I'm up to my frozen eyeballs in book deadline stuff. (which is the big reason I haven't been blogging so regularly!). I just now finished my Make N Take sample for CHA at the Creative Imaginations booth and sent off the instructions to be put in the kits. I am going to turn now and start on my CPS article for this month (yes, late! but I hope to get it done by nights end) And then I plunge right back into the book and work like a mad woman.
I need every single minute until January 15th to get this book done so keep your fingers crossed for me.
I have a feeling this is going to be a great NEW year! (feel free to check back with me in 362 days)
New Years Resolution 1: drink more water!