Friday, August 29, 2008

Ruben in Braids

Ha ha! Nothing makes your first re-attempt at mastering crochet look better than actually putting it on the head of an adorable little being. Yes, he needs to grow into a little bit but by the time the cold hits, little Ruben here will be sittin up more than spittin up. This picture makes it look very pink but it really is a hip sort of acidy green, blue, magenta and charcol. I think the kids on the ski slope will all wish they had one this winter. Thanks Veronique for sending the pics and lending us the dog crate.
Still no puppy yet but in the mean time I'm making art and art connections.
I'm going to be working on a piece of art for Brookline's 21 Century Fund which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The 21st Century Fund works to fund new programs at the high school and if they are successful they become part of the curriculum. It has raised over 10 million dollars! I'm so humbled to be included as one of the 6 participating artists. I'm also glad to use my talents to help support this wonderful cause.
Check back soon for more information on my progress--I'll share what I'm doing for you to enjoy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still no Studio Mascot

If I had one dollar for every hour that I've searched on line or went traipsing to kennels I'd be able to take a week off of work! I'm now working with the Wynn Dog Rescue in Jaffery NH. I believe we've passed all their stringent application, review and interview process. Now we're just waiting--somewhat patiently.

My girls are in NH for one more week with their grandparents before school starts and I'm alone in the studio wishing I had my new pup here to keep me company.

I did however get the first look at my final papers for my new Paper line called Brushstrokes with Creative Imaginations. Wow, a little tweaking of the colors (from scan to computer screen) and little work on scale and WOW! Did I mention WOW? Its bright and cheerful and whimiscal and looks just like me and, and, and...I can't show it too you. Yet!

I just sent off my fed ex package with two contributions to Barbara Bourassa's new book. I'm working on the new BAOS logo (or anti-logo as the case may be). And I got an email yesterday from an art consultant about one of my favorite pieces from last year. Thankfully this was an actual, and legitimate person, not some out of the country scam. You can see why I'm a little skittish about being contacted by email now.

So, since my plate is full, I best sign off and get to it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

MIA-AKA Vacation gets the best of me

So what have I been up to here at Jenn Mason Studios while I WASN'T posting?

Well, we've officially started our dog search. Yes, I need a mascot for the studio. Someone who is always willing to give their opinion when I need it. Someone still willing to cuddle but not embarrased when I sing along to Radio Disney (ahem! Becky??) We are planning yet another trip to a shelter in Sterling, MA this afternoon. Its SO difficult! I would take all of them if I could but I'm trying to keep the family focused on getting the right dog for us.

I've also been working on my class for CHA Winter 2009. Can you believe it's that time already! We'll be using my Parts and Parcels and Christine Adolph's new Mon Ami line. But more about that a little closer to the date eh?

I've also walked the town of Brookline with Gwen Ossenfort the outgoing Director of Brookline Open Studios to get a sense of the group spaces as I ready myself to head BAOS for the coming year of Art.

I also got a chance to see Sally Matson do Susan B. Anthony at the Holderness Historical Society. The girls came with me and asked some of the best questions which was great considering the presentation is geared for 4th graders to adults. I learned so much!

Oh, I also was almost caught in an art scam! Yep, yours truly almost fell for it. So let me take a minute to point you to this site for detection Internet Art Scams.

A person emailed me asking for a price list for my art so he could purchase a piece for his parents. It was very obvious that he did not speak English as his native language (a BIG RED FLAG). Now this is not unlikely if he had seen my art here in Brookline because we have a large international population.
He needed me to work fast (Another Red Flag), He would have some shipper pick it up from me (Red Flag #3), He wanted to pay me more than I was asking by Cashiers Check (red flag #4) and I was supposed to forward the rest of the money to his business associate. Thank goodness I went with my gut and found that site on the internet to back up my suspicions.

off to look for a furry family member...