Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Key to Balance (on a skateboard!)

So, this is a fun video I put together on the Making of The Key to Balance, a piece of art I created for the All Decks on Hand Show and Auction taking place this fall at the After Hours Gallery (www.afterhoursgallery.com) to benefit the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center.
All the artists were to create their art on a skateboard deck--and I decided to go all out and create an assemblage.
My daughter needed something to do and likes to help out when she can so I put her to work sanding the board. I always wanted an assistant!

While I am not immediately affected by autisim in my family, I appreciate the struggle families have to help raise their child with autisim in a happy, healthy and supportive environment. I was very excited to be able to help out doing what I love to do--share beauty with the world, on a skateboard no less! I hope that someone falls in love with my piece, "The Key to Balance" which speacks to both this ability to cope with autisim, as well as any personal struggle someone may have. You must take ONE step at a time. You must walk thru some murkieness. You must find the keys or tools to cope and you must take it all with you through your journey. In return, you get to stop pushing and enjoy the wind in your hair every once in a while.

By the way, thanks to Earth Safe Finishes for the products to paint and stain this board. I enjoyed using thebproduct knowing I was being green! I see myself using more of their products in my art in the future! Check them out: www.earthsafefinishes.com

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back from Cleveland

Cleveland ROCKS! Ok, I was actually just outside of Cleveland, sitting in a Clarion Hotel for the better part of the day but day 2 was REALLY fun. I taped a DVD Workshop called Mixed Media Medley for Cloth Paper Scissors. I'm talking FUN. Fun and more fun. Even though I had to wait until the very end of the day waiting for all the fascinating artists that were taping their Quilting Arts TV segments (we shared the same set)--I still had fun. I actually got to watch a lot of the taping of the different segments which was good quality creative time as far as I'm concerned!

Take a look at the video I put together but be warned, I start out without any make-up on!

This week is the last Brimfield of the year and Back to school--double bonus! More pictures to follow! and I promise to let you know when the DVD is available too.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Work Benefits

Just one of the many benefits of doing the work I do.  Don’t ask.IMG_0583.jpg picture by randyh822

This is from the CHA Consumer show in Orlando earlier in the summer.  It was taken in between Booth demos and teaching a class.  Now, don’t you wish you were there?