Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back from Cleveland

Cleveland ROCKS! Ok, I was actually just outside of Cleveland, sitting in a Clarion Hotel for the better part of the day but day 2 was REALLY fun. I taped a DVD Workshop called Mixed Media Medley for Cloth Paper Scissors. I'm talking FUN. Fun and more fun. Even though I had to wait until the very end of the day waiting for all the fascinating artists that were taping their Quilting Arts TV segments (we shared the same set)--I still had fun. I actually got to watch a lot of the taping of the different segments which was good quality creative time as far as I'm concerned!

Take a look at the video I put together but be warned, I start out without any make-up on!

This week is the last Brimfield of the year and Back to school--double bonus! More pictures to follow! and I promise to let you know when the DVD is available too.

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NowHearThis said...

So great Jenn! Fun! And you look beautiful!