Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snowmen and Sunshine!

Have you ever had just a glorious day even though you didn't really get anything on your to-do list done?

Today was one of those days for me. Karin, one of my new Brookline friends sent me this picture of her family's first snowman using a snowman making kit I gave her family this Christmas. Very dapper don't you think??

The sun was shinning today in a way that made us just stop and look up and bask in it...fully clothed in boots, neck warmer, gloves and ear muffs of course!

I played hookey from the studio for a little and had a lovely breakfast with my dear friend Martha who is still recovering from an awesome job as co-director of our elementary school's auction and teacher appreciation dinner. I think she should be back to normal soon.

My mum is coming on Saturday so I feel like I should be taking before and after pictures of my dirty house. I try to reassure my friends when they have jealous pangs in regards to my artistic skills and I tell them that I am REALLY bad at keeping a clean house! Off to sweep and dust!

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