Saturday, February 24, 2007

she paid her dues

Ahhhh, to be home again....
And see? I'm still blogging! Two days in a row!
I'm working on adding a Cafe Press link on my website right now (or should I say my loverly husband is working on it for me??-I always struggle with the fine line between interesting information and TMI!) Once its up you will be able to order actual art work on actual items but I vow, right here and now, you WILL NOT be able to order my art on a "classic thong"--at least not until pigs fly.
I love this piece and when I don't have something important to say here on my blog I'll share some recent artwork instead. I'd love to know what you think? It measures 5" x 5" and is a lino-print/mixed media collage. It is titled "she paid her dues."
I love that we came home one and a half days early from vacation. Don't you hate having coming home from vacation transition immediately back into realty?
Tomorrow I'm going to have an interesting walk to the grocery store. Poor Matt ruined his perfect driving record and got in an accident on Valentines day in the first storm of the season so we are currently without transportation. I think I will only buy light things on this trip since I have to lug them all home.
Family anecdote: While my husband and I were sharing a hot tub soak with my littlest one (almost 6 yrs) I told her she could have a sip of my cold drink if she served as our marriage counselor. (I know, what a weird request but you have to know Abby to understand).
Abby: Ok mom, what is one of your complaints about daddy.
Me: Well, I don't like it that Daddy doesn't get me flowers that much and when I buy flowers for myself Daddy always says "Oh, I was going to get you flowers today but you already got yourself some"
Abby: Ok, mom, here is the trick...Daddy, cover your ears and sing something so you can't hear me.... Ok, mom, you use your confidence AND sound a little sad, even if you're not and you trick him and say: Today is our anniversary and I really wish you had gotten me some flowers.
Me: but it isn't our anniversary
Abby: I know, that is the TRICK!
Smart girl, eh?

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