Thursday, April 12, 2007

Found Art

Horrible Day outside today but I'm sunny inside. Sold one of my old favorite paintings last night. About 6 hours after I hung it in the window of the corner Doc's office to advertise the upcoming Brookline Open Studios Tour at the end of April, I received a lovely email and a request to buy it. This picture here is actually in the Tiemann family collection in Fort Worth, Texas. Just thought I'd post this one. I'm hoping to fill you all in and get you excited about visiting the Open Studio Tours. If you're not near Brookline, MA then I encourage you to check out the Open Studio availability in your town. You never know the great stuff you might see. Its also fun to meet the artist and ask questions.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations...hearing good news is always nice.


Anonymous said...

The Tiemanns have had many comments on this piece of beautiful work.