Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Finding Motivation...and following it

I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love right now. I don't love it but I'm committed. Once I start a book, (more than 5 pages) I feel the need to finish it no matter how much I dislike it. Of course it takes at least 2 chapters for me to decide that I don't care for the book. I think the book is written well enough it's just that I don't love the subject matter. I'm bored with listening to her find herself and her struggle (at this point in the book) to be able to meditate in an Ashram in India.

I'm SOOO busy right now and I'm spending this time (or wasting this time) listening to her struggle when I could spend the time struggling with my own demons, like say--my organization of time. I am getting product ready for a Holiday Co-op jury this weekend, I'm creating finished product for the packaging of my Parts and Parcel line, and I need to be making art for my new paper line...did I mention that I desperately need to do laundry and that I'm being talked to about a bigger role in the Brookline Open Studios (Lunch meeting on that today!), and that I've needed a haircut for 3 weeks and but don't even have the time to call for the appointment!

So I've actually pulled an idea from the book. I'm going to dedicate the hard days of art making to someone. Today is Becky's day. Today I will do well because I'm doing it for Bec. (in the book the author gets through a grueling chant by doing it for her eight year old nephew---I will do it for my 8 yr old daughter).

So, here we go... time to make the donuts--I mean ART.


Unknown said...

You have been blogging like crazy!!Good for you! Forgive me for only now catching up. I find out so much more about you by reading your blog than by swapping kids itineraries.
I have picked that book up in the stores a million times and set it back down...my gut feeling is that I will be irritated by someone walking out on their responsibilities in order to "find herself." That always bugs me given what I put up with daily instead of running off to an ashram.

Nicky Linzey said...

Oh no, I've just ordered this book!!! I love your blog & your work - very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

it took me a while to get through that book...I agree. i loved her writing about food in Italy but that is about it, and I liked the cover (main reason I bought it:). Are we still going to be roomates in a few weeks??Christine