Friday, May 08, 2009

Becky Throws in the first pitch at the Red Sox game!

Wow, how cool is this?  Here is the video of Becky throwing in the first pitch.  Both girls attended the game with their Big Sisters but Becky and her Big, Emily were nominated by Big Sister and got the opportunity to throw in the first pitch.  

This evening was the first BIG event that Abby did with her fabulous new Big Sister and it's quite impossible for me to say which girl had a better time!  I'm so proud of my little girls and I'm so grateful to the Big Sister program which offers wonderful mentoring and positive role models for my girls.  Yes, my girls live a fairly wonderful life filled with Irish dance classes and theater classes (thanks to a Boston College Study grant) but I felt they still could benefit by having a positive female role model who was NOT their mom.  
Thanks to Emily and Anouschka the two most wonderful big sisters a girl could have.  You truly are making a difference!

On another note, we had our last open studios meeting/bbq last night and finished up the evening with our last Salon of the year.  The weather was lovely and we had the front door open and in walked to members of the public asking if our "gallery" was open.  Uh... SURE!  I was very surprised but was so happy to have them there.  We all shared our art and the feedback was amazing and I suppose the night seemed a little magical with the addition of two women walking in off the street.  (Artists LOVE it when weird stuff like that happens).  

All in all a great night!

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