Tuesday, June 02, 2009


So bad! I can't stand it...
Just thought I'd throw you a bone and share what I've been working on.

You can also check out today's blog on Everyday Artist Studio to see video and more pictures.

But basically, I'm preparing for CHA Summer, the Craft Super Show (following CHA) and Artunraveled.

I'm also doing my part to help the Broadway on the Riverway fundraiser for Wheelock Family Theater.  I got the Silent Auction paperwork duty.  

I'm also working on a brand new idea that involves art, small town New England and teaching...but you'll have to wait to hear more about that later.  

Days are filled with School assemblies, Spring Sings, School Picnics (which I think I have the right to skip because it falls on my B-day --June 9th!), dance recitals and final brownie gatherings.

The days are lovely though and I'm able to hop on my bike and run errands almost everyday.  Now if only I could get my to-do list done so I can make some art.

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