Sunday, November 09, 2014

Makers gonna Make

Hi there, here is a fun post for a late Sunday afternoon activity. You might think it's going to be all about how to carve a portrait stamp, but it's not.

Today I want to point out a lovely online store called I've been telling people all about this site recently and most of the people I talked to loved it, but had never heard of it. Now, since I have a huge circle of maker friends, I thought it was my duty to share this site with you all! I'm always looking for unique gifts during the holidays and for special occasions--and has it all.

Have you heard of
Have you ever purchased anything from
Would you be willing to go check it out and then fill out my survey? (it's short, only 7 questions!)

Here is what says about their business:

At The Grommet, we truly believe that every purchase is an act of citizenship. That's why we launch undiscovered products and help them succeed. Our Grommets aren't just things. Grommets are products with a purpose invented by people with stories. Browse our Citizens' Gallery to learn about these ideas or post your own. Buy differently.

I love what this company stands for and I want more people to know about it--especially my maker friends! (and friends who love makers!)

If you fill out the survey after your visit to and leave your email in the survey, you will be entered to win a roughly business-card size hand-carved portrait stamp of the person of your choice!
If you go to my facebook page and "share" the post for this survey, you will also be entered to win. Two chances to win. What could be a better way to spend a few minutes on a Sunday?

Enjoy your weekend! and Thanks!


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